Dementia Cafe

28th Nov '18

We would like to invite anyone who is affected by dementia to attend a 'Dementia Cafe' we have set up with the Sheffield Dementia Action Alliance. Whilst there are plenty of excellent resources and support available in Sheffield to support those living with Dementia, people are not always sure where to turn for help or how to access these.

We have partnered with Voluntary Action Sheffield and the Sheffield Dementia Action Alliance to provide a local, accessible and informal ‘hub’ to pull these organisations together and benefit our patients and carers.  

Starting from December the ‘Porter Valley Dementia Café’ will run alternate Thursdays at Bent’s Green Church. There will be tea, coffee and refreshments available and we have plans for guest speakers, activities and the opportunity to meet others affected by Dementia. There will be friendly experts on hand to discuss your challenges and help signpost you to any support you feel you could benefit from.

Our doctors felt this service was needed locally to help our patients and we encourage anyone who is interested to consider attending. Please find a flyer here with information how to book your place. Or if you are interested, information about how you could volunteer here.