Getting Help Online

3rd Jan '18

Getting Help Online

With more and more services and information being offered online, it can be confusing knowing where to start, or to how to seek help safely and effectively. 

Together with our neighbouring practices, our Surgery has compiled a set of reputable resources to empower patients to feel confident seeking health advice online. With so many websites offering contradicting advice, it's very important to think critically about what information if being offered and by who. 

Below are some websites which have been recommended and approved by the NHS as safe and reliable sources of information on a wide variety of topics. 

Digital Health & Wellbeing Champion 

If you or anyone you know has trouble getting online and would appreciate some one-to-one help, you could make an appointment to see our in-surgery Digital Champion, Catriona who works in the practice every Thursday morning. 

She is happy to help with a wide variety of common problems including:

  • Using the surgery Online Services (Systmonline) to book appointments and order prescriptions. 
  • Browse the internet safely
  • Using specialised apps/websites to help you manage long term health conditions. 
  • Finding any information that is relevant to you (Eg Local groups)
  • Skype & Email help
  • Online shopping, social media etc. 
  • Help with tablets and smartphones

Feel free to make an appointment with the receptionist