Practice Boundary

25th Jul '18


The surgery has applied to amend a conspicuous outcropping on the North-East side of our existing catchment area which runs deep into the city centre, terminating at Brook Hill Roundabout.

At present the south section of this outcropping runs along Ecclesall Road (A625) on the south side, up along Hanover Way before return along Brookhill and Whitham Road to re-join Fulwood Road. This covers the Broomhall area.

We propose, for reasons detailed below, that part of this area be removed from our existing catchment area. Instead, our boundary could run along North along Brocco Bank from Hunters’ Bar roundabout, up onto Clarkhouse Road before breaking north onto Newbould Lane and re-joining Broomhill & Fulwood Road via Glossop Road (B6547).

This proposed change in highlighted below in green


Proposed area to be removed


We would like to preface the rationale for reducing our practice boundary by highlighting that there are very few patients currently registered in the area and that we are applying to future-proof our services against the risks set out below, rather that target existing patients.

The primary reason we have applied to amend our catchment area is the impact that patients in this area have, or may have if they require home visits in the future.

Due to our population demographic, we conduct a number of home visits, and we have designed our service around incorporating home visits into our GPs working day and it takes careful management to ensure there is enough time to balance demand with capacity.

On the occasions we have had cause to visit people who live further away from the practice, this takes additional time and causes major disruption for other patients who require visits and those attending the practice.

The highlighted area is a particular concern as there are very high traffic levels towards the city centre and this can dramatically extend the time taken for a routine or emergency visit. We feel very vulnerable that there could be an influx of patients from this area who need home visits and with each one potentially taking three times longer due to the increased travel times, this could dramatically impact the service we provide to our other patients.

We do value patient choice, and allow patients to remain registered with us despite being outside our catchment area, until we mutually agree that they would be best cared for elsewhere due to the difficult accessing the surgery. Patients in the highlighted area, have considerable choice in GP Practices. 

We would be happy for existing patients in this area to remain registered with us and we will continue to provide home visits for those in need.

Frequently asked questions

I am currently registered with the practice but I am living in the affected area which is now outside of the proposed new boundary will I have to move practices?

  • No. You will continue to be registered with the practice and be entitled to the same service as any other patient.

A member of my family who was previously registered with the practice is moving back home and we live outside of the proposed new boundary; can they re-register with the practice?

  • Immediate family member applications will be considered, but are not guaranteed to be accepted. If the practice chooses not to accept the application, a letter will be written confirming why.

I am currently registered with the practice but I am moving to an address which is outside of the boundary, can I remain registered with the practice?

  • Patients can request to stay with the practice, however this is not guaranteed and patient will not be eligible for home visits. It may be suggested that patients register with a practice closer to their new address. 

I am currently pregnant and live in one of the areas which is now outside of the proposed new boundary, will I have to register my baby with a different practice?

  • No, new babies can be registered with the practice the parents are registered at.

Why do practices have boundaries?

  • Practices have boundaries to enable the GPs to deal with patients in a timely manner. If a patient requires a home visit the travel time has to be factored into the visit.  If patients live outside of the practice boundary the GPs wouldn’t be able to visit as many patients.
  • It also means if we keep patients who no longer live within the practice boundary those patients who move into the boundary cannot register as the practice can only care for a certain amount of patients.

If you have any comments or questions you would like to make regarding this please submit them here