Your Named GP

10th Jul '15

Allocation of ‘Named GP’

From April 2015 new government guidelines require that all patients are assigned a ‘Named GP’ who will have overall responsibility for the care and support they receive.

Nethergreen Surgery is pleased to announce that all patients have now been allocated a named GP. Patients over the age of 75 have already been informed who their Named GP is, and we will be informing the remaining patients over the coming months.

With almost 9,000 patients to inform, the surgery will use a variety of methods to let patients know which GP they have been allocated. We will send SMS text messages to those who we have mobile phone numbers for, print messages on prescriptions, and inform people in person.

If you have not yet been informed and would like to know who your Named GP is, please enquire at your next routine contact with the surgery.

What does having a Named GP mean for me?

Please be assured, having a Named GP does not mean that you are restricted to seeing only one doctor. You are always welcome to see any GP in the practice, availability permitting.

Your Named GP will serve as a central point of contact for other healthcare professionals and will co-ordinate your care within the surgery. All our GPs have access to your full medical records, and work in close partnership.

What if I want a different Named GP?

Patients were distributed amongst our doctors evenly. We divided our patient list based on surname and assigned each cohort to a GP. This may mean that you have been assigned a GP you have not seen recently. You can still see your regular doctor even if they are not your Named GP.

Where possible we would like to keep patients assigned to their current Named GP, however if this will cause distress to you, we may be able to accommodate reasonable requests to change Named GPs. Please raise this at your next routine contact with the surgery.