Medical Advice for Travellers. 

The Surgery is unable to offer you telephone or other advice whilst you are abroad. You should always ensure you have adequate medical insurance and are able to seek advice locally should the need arise. Our GPs are unable to examine you and we lack the medical indemnity cover to provide treatment to patients abroad (even if you are usually registered here).

We are able to provide a 3 month supply of prescriptions if you are away for any length of time. Please state that you are going away when you order you next prescription if you require an additional supply. Any further medication must be sought away. 

Travel Vaccination Clinic and Advice

If you are planning a holiday abroad you will need to complete a travel questionnaire and once the practice has received the completed form you can make a travel appointment with the nurse.

This must be done no later than 8 weeks prior to your departure,  as more than one course of vaccinations may be required for full immunity.

We do not offer travel clinic appointments, or travel injections, for patients not permanently registered us. If you are a student studying away from Sheffield, but returning home in the holidays, then you must see the University Doctor in the town you are studying in and are registered with, as we do not have your medical records to enable the Nurses to make an appropriate decision on vaccinations.

How to obtain a travel appointment at the Practice:

  • Complete the travel questionnaire - a copy of which can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • Bring the completed travel questionnaire to the Surgery and hand it in to reception, or if you haven't downloaded the form ask at reception for a form and complete it there and then!
  • Your form must be handed to the surgery a minimum of 8 weeks before you travel. If you require last-minute travel advice, please see our alternative travel service section below. Any forms recieved outside of this timescale may be accepted by the receptionist, but will NOT be processed by the practice nurse and you will be required to seek alternative advice.
  • The Practice Nurse will review your forms 8 weeks prior to travel and will contact you by telephone to discuss your travel requirements and, if necessary, book a suitable series of appointments. 

Alternatively, if you are already registered for our online services you are able to complete the questionnaire online. Please click the "Questionnaires" link and select Travel Risk Assessment Form.

Payment for any vaccinations must be made in full at the time of the first visit. We accept cash or cheque or card.

The following vaccinations are free to NHS patients:

  • Tetanus,
  • Typhoid,
  • Hepatitis A,
  • Polio.

Charges for other vaccinations can be found on our fees page.

Alternative Travel Services

Our travel appointments are often in high demand, and as such there may be a wait for a suitable nurse appointment. If you are travelling at short notice, you may wish to consider attending a private travel clinic for a more convenient appointment. Whilst we cannot recommend specific providers, there are a range of websites, pharmacies and walk-in centres that offer travel advice and vaccinations in Sheffield.

Useful Travel Websites