Friends and Family Test

We would like to know if you would recommend our Surgery to your friends and family.

The Friends and Family Test is a way for all patients to give feedback quickly and have their say on the care and treatment they experience across the NHS in England. It helps to improve local healthcare services for everyone by highlighting what is working well and what can be improved. The FFT has been in use in some hospital services since 2013 and is now expanding to more parts of the NHS, including GP practices from December 2014. For full details, see

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This data is published locally and reported to NHS England. Whilst it does provide opportunity to leave a textual response, unfortunately we cannot respond to individual comments. If you wish to complain about our service, please see our complaints procedure.

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Each month we collate the responses and publish them below.

Month: December 2019

Results Method of Submission
1 Extremely likely  Paper
0 Likley Online
0 Neither likely nor unlikley SMS
0 Unlikley Kiost
0 Extremely unlikley  Other
0 Don't know    


All staff I have spoken to have been really helpful and efficient - thank you